Saturday, October 11, 2014


We're turning our whole blog RED!!

(All of the Izzies REALLY love these guys! Especially Frizzy.)

In case you missed it, Red City Review called Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf  a "highly original and wonderfully developed children's book".  They also named Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf  a finalist in the first ever Red City Review Book Award competition!


Bizzy, Blizzy, Dizzy, Fizzy, Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy, Whizzy (and Deedy, the H.I.E)

Here is our portrait again. We're putting it in just so we can see how it looks with a RED background!



Who are you people????

(Thanks for visiting our blog!!!)


Bizzy, Blizzy, Dizzy, Fizzy, Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy, and Whizzy (and H.I.E. Deedy)

NEVER MIND! We Fixed the Problem.

So we just kept loading and re-loading the blog with the Red City Review review until finally it looks ok (we think).

The problem is that we don't know what the problem WAS or what we did that FIXED it.

Still, we're celebrating!

The Izzies


We have redone the last couple of posts because they were showing up superimposed on each other and unreadable.  We hope this has solved the problem!


Rats! Our latest blogs are still looking VERY STRANGE.  If anyone other there knows how to fix this, please contact us at

We love working the internet but we hate dealing with these mysterious glitches. Don't you????

The Very Frustrated Izzy Elves.

"Highly Original and Wonderfully Developed Children's Book" (Hooray for Frizzy!)

Frizzy the S.A.D. Elf by Dorothea Jensen

This is a highly original and wonderfully developed children’s book that is sure to be a big hit around the holidays. Including elements that will appeal to young girls and boys alike, Jensen’s narrative rhymes the whole way through, creating a plot the paces itself while creating playful sentences that move it along. The rhymes do not seem forced and fit into the story perfectly. The illustrations are also a highlight, as the large full color images are superbly done, with depth and details that lets us see Frizzy and her other elf friends displayed upon the page. By coming up with a creative and engaging story, Jensen has succeeded at crafting a memorable Christmas story for children that is so good it’s possible it will be enjoyed year round.  - Red City Review

We're All So PROUD of Frizzy!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Want to see something AMAZING?

Look at that HUGE number!!!! We Izzies are quite stunned at how many times people have looked at our blog.  THANK YOU!


Bizzy, Blizzy, Dizzy, Fizzy, Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy, Whizzy (and H.I.E. Deedy)

P.S. Don't forget to enter our giveaway of 10 downloads of Frizzy's audiobook.  Just send an e-mail to us at with "Frizzy Audiobook Giveaway" in the subject slot, with your name and the e-mail address where you would like the download instructions to be sent if you are a winner.

Want to hear a sample (again)?  Here it is: Frizzy's Audiobook Excerpt

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Psst! Bizzy Here...

I know a lot about the internet, blogging, tweeting, etc. (certainly more than your Average Izzy Elf) and I've noticed that the past post with Dizzy's elfascope moving picture has been looked at by FOUR TIMES as many people as the posts with Frizzy, Tizzy or Blizzy's moving pictures.

I think that Frizzy, Blizzy, and Tizzy are feeling a little—well, not jealous exactly—but a tad unhappy over this. We do try to celebrate the triumphs of all the Izzies, but sometimes that is a little hard to do.

Anyway, I have decided to re-post their moving pictures (called GIFs, which always make me think of GIFTS, but then I AM one of Santa's elves).  If lots of people look at this, I can tell Frizzy, Tizzy, and Blizzy so they will feel better.

Thanks for your help.

XX Bizzy

P.S. I also just checked the total number of people who have looked at our IzzyElfBlog and it is up to 5770. We're ALL very happy about that!

P.S. 2 Don't forget to enter our giveaway for the chance to win a download of Frizzy's audiobook. Instructions are in a post below.

Here are the GIFs:

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

So we Izzies have been kicking around ideas (not so easy to do in pointy shoes) for how to give away 10 downloads of the audiobook of Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf from

We finally got S.C. and Deedy to agree with us that the best way is this:

1. Anyone who wants to enter a drawing to win one of these downloads should send an e-mail to us at before November 15, 2014.

2. Please put Frizzy Audiobook Giveaway as the Subject.

3. In the e-mail, please put your name and the e-mail address to which you would like notification/instructions for downloading the Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf audiobook to be sent if you are a winner.

4.  We will print out all the e-mail entries and put them into Something Large (Santa's Pack, or even his Sleigh, if there are too many entries to fit in anything else).

5. We will randomly pick out ten of the e-mails and those will be our winners! (If you win, we Izzies would really appreciate it if you would consider writing a review of the audiobook for

We know this is deplorably low-tech for the 21C, but this is our first try at a giveaway, and that's all we can manage right now.

Thanks, and good luck!


Bizzy, Blizzy, Dizzy, Fizzy, Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy, and Whizzy (and Deedy, the Honorary....etc.)