Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deedy's 2014 List. All we can say is "Whew"!

We decided to share Deedy's List published on her Facebook page about everything (or almost everything) she did in 2014. We're a little bit afraid to ask her what she is planning to do in 2015!


New Year's Thoughts:
2014 Summary

Elf Stuff:
2. Worked with Shayne Hood on FRIZZY illustrations.
3. Had Christmas music recorded by Louisa, Rowena, Lucy, and Ruth Wise.
3. Recorded FRIZZY, THE S.A.D. ELF at Rocking Horse Studio
4. Re-did first three elf story recordings by adding music.
5. Released FRIZZY as downloadable recording via,, and iTunes.
6. Re-released first three elf story recordings with music via,, and iTunes.
7. Wrote "script" and developed several versions of a book trailer for the elf stories with animator/illustrator Shayne Hood.
8. Uploaded all versions of the book trailer on Youtube, Vimeo, and Godtube.
9. Uploaded audio excerpts of all four audiobooks on Youtube, Vimeo and Godtube.
10. Uploaded video of myself reading part of Tizzy to kids at a Christmas event to Youtube, Vimeo, and Godtube.
11.Published FRIZZY, THE S.A.D. ELF as paperback via Createspace and Ingramspark.
12. Published FRIZZY, THE S.A.D. ELF as Kindle and Nook e-books.
13. Republished TIZZY, THE CHRISTMAS SHELF ELF; BLIZZY, THE WORRYWART ELF and DIZZY, THE STOWAWAY ELF as Kindles using the cool new Kindle software for picture books.
13. Had CDs of the audiobooks of all four elf stories created through Oasis.
14. Set up the sale of these CDs via Amazon.
15. Assisted the Izzy Elves in writing blogs and twitters all year at and
16. Set up and did booksignings at the Hopkinton Library and Mainstreet Bookends bookstore in December.
17. Met with Dee Dee Lozier to get started on a doll prototype for Frizzy.
18. With the assistance of my daughter-in-law, started and developed a website devoted to the elves, (It's still under construction.)
19. Entered FRIZZY in a couple of competitions and it won a Santa's Choice Award as well as first prize in the children's category of the first ever Red City Review Book Awards.(…/frizzy-the-s-a-d-elf-by-dorothe…/)
20. Did a Book Review Blitz for Blizzy with and garnered many excellent reviews, which you can read here:…/
21. Did a Q & A "interview" to be published in the first ever edition of The Red City Review Magazine.
22. Started working on BIZZY, THE KNOW-IT-ALL ELF.

Non-Elf Stuff:
1. Finished A BUSS FROM LAFAYETTE, an historical novel for middle graders, and started to look for a publisher for the story. I'm hoping to get the story released in time to help celebrate the Sestercentennial (250th anniversary) of our town this year, as the story takes place here in 1825.
2. Got a GREAT evaluation done by 5 Star Publications, which convinced me to change the name to A KISS FROM LAFAYETTE.
3. Read an excerpt of the story to Friends of the Hopkinton Library.
4. Set up pages on my facebook account (you're looking at it) for all my various writing projects: Santa's Izzy Elves; The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, and A Kiss from Lafayette. This gives me a chance to post interesting pix and bits of information about the stories that are not in the actual books.
5. Found that a video of an interview I did for Riddle in 1990 has been posted online! Put links to it on my website,, and will soon put links here and on the Riddle page.
Can't believe how young I looked 25 years ago!

That's all I can think of for now. (I do have to laugh every time someone asks me if I'm retired. "No," I answer, "I'm just tired!")


So, as Deedy gears up for her 69th birthday next week, we wish her "Happy Birthday" and "Happy New Year" and hope she doesn't run out of steam before she finishes writing stories for Bizzy, Fizzy, Whizzy, and Quizzy!

Much love,

The Izzy Elves


  1. That's a lot of stuff for one elf. ;)

    Naila Moon from Kid Lit Blog Hop

  2. And an elderly, honorary elf at that!

  3. I was also thinking that this is a busy elf:) Happy New Year! Thank you linking up with the Kid Lit Blog Hop!