Saturday, December 12, 2015

#1 Counting down to Christmas in rhyme!

 We Izzies have decided to make a rhyming advent calendar to celebrate the season.

(You'd think we'd be too busy to fool around with this, but even elves have to take work breaks, you know!)

 Here's our first little effort:

‘Tis twelve days til Christmas and at the North Pole
We Izzies are working away, with one goal:
To make the right gifts for each child on the list.
(We want to make sure not a one has been missed.)

S.C. has examined each one of your letters
And scanned the web wishlists of online go-getters.
So our task is quite huge, and time’s wasting away.
We’d better get busy and fill Santa’s sleigh!

Much love,

Santa’s Izzy Elves

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