Friday, April 15, 2016

Ok, ok. We finally officially handed over our blog to Deedy. For now.

We Izzies are still letting Deedy (that's Dorothea Jensen to you) post all her Historical Fiction Stuff on our website. Bear with us. We'll be back later on to talk about her Real Writing - about US!!


Bizzy, Blizzy, Dizzy, Fizzy, Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy, and Whizzy.

* * *




So the message below is DIRECTLY from Deedy!


Amazing Numbers!

My goodness! The total number of "hits" on my Bublish page reached 25,000 today. If you add in the rest of my online hits, that makes the total well over *****!!!! 98,000 !!!!!!******

I only have one question.