Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Now Blizzy is Decorating Her Bedroom with Mom's Choice Stickers!

No, I'm not allowed inside the GirlElf Dormitory, but my good friend Frizzy took a picture of Blizzy's bedroom and showed it to the rest of us Izzy Elves. Frizzy knows just how jealous I am about Blizzy and Tizzy's books getting the Mom's Choice Award. (Mine didn't. It wasn't ready.)

I know how very proud Blizzy is about getting this big time award, but enough is enough. Isn't it?

Just take a gander at this:

How many of those stickers does she have, anyway?

Frizzy says I should just get over it.  She says she is very VERY proud of her friends getting this honor, and that I should be too.  She also says that at least my book is finished now - unlike the rest of the Izzies.  She (Frizzy) and Bizzy and Fizzy and Whizzy and Quizzy are all still waiting for Deedy to get their adventures down on paper.  Or whatever you call it when she types into her computer keyboard.

I guess Frizzy is right.  After all, even though I don't have any stickers yet, lots of people have written really REALLY nice things about my own story!

One person said that Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf  is the best Santa's Izzy Elves book yet!!!  Woo Hoo!!

My very favorite reaction to my story so far: one father said that his seven year old son WHO HATES TO READ picked up Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf and read it cover to cover.

That makes me feel as if I received an award, too.  It's even better than a sticker!!!

Meanwhile, if you want to read some more great things about my book (or even about Tizzy and Blizzy's books) go to and click on us!

Love from DIZZY!

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