Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wonderful New Pictures from Tizzy and Blizzy

Did everybody out there see my newest picture?  Cool, huh?  I wish I could wear this adornment in every one of my pix.  But I think it might make Dizzy feel really jealous. He keeps muttering about me being "Mom's" Favorite.


Yes, Dizzy is not happy with me right now, either.  But once people start reading about Dizzy's own Big Adventure, I'm sure he'll get some recognition, too. From somebody or other.  Hope so. I'm afraid this jealousy will turn him permanently Christmas Tree Green. Now, I do like green, but NOT on Dizzy's face.

Meanwhile, I'm getting worred about Frizzy. She gets so sad every time Santa takes her dollies away to deliver them. How can we cheer her up???    ♥ Blizzy

Annoying Pictures of Tizzy and Blizzy from Dizzy

So, I understand that Tizzy and Blizzy are really, REALLY proud of receiving the Mom's Choice Award. But do they really have to wear MCA stickers on their hats???

I call that Rubbing It In, don't you??

(Wish I had a sticker, too.)