Friday, November 15, 2013

Mixed Feelings! Help!

Dear People,

As some of you may know, my job at the North Pole is to pick out Giftbooks for Santa to bring each child for Christmas. I take great pride in my work, matching each child to books he or she will LOVE FOR A LIFETIME. After all, Santa himself is a huge fan of books:
                                 He said that a book gives your very thoughts wings,
                                 That carry you off to see wonderful things,
                                 That lift you aloft, throughout time, throughout space
                                 To every era and every place!

(That's an actual quote from the Mom's Choice AWARD-WINNING story about me, called Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf. You may have noticed the cool MCA Emblem on my hat.)

But what's the problem, you well may ask?

My problem is that I have what grownups call a Conflict of Interest. In my ♡ I know that millions and millions of children would LOVE to read the Izzy Elves books about me and my friends, Blizzy and Dizzy. The words in them just dance along in rhyme, and the stories are just GRIPPING.  But even so, I have to say that I am a little uncomfortable picking out these Giftbooks for specific children and putting them into Santa's pack. Even though they are the very best choice! Am I being self-centered, sending them Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf? And Blizzy is my girlfriend and Dizzy my best friend.  Is it too much of an ego trip for me when I select their stories for Santa to deliver, even though I know kids will love 'em?

I just don't know.

Please HELP!

If your children could put our books on their Wish Lists  in their letters to Santa, I would feel much better about this Whole Situation. Or you can help them put our books on their ONLINE wishlists at Amazon or or wherever.  Santa keeps track of those, too, of course. (In case you're wondering, we Izzies are very up to date on internet stuff.  Did you notice I'm elfblogging? Enough said.)

The names of the books again?

Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf (Recipient of the Mom's Choice Award)
Blizzy, the Worrywart Elf  (Recipient of the Mom's Choice Award)
Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf

Here are pix of 'em.

Dorothea Jensen (Deedy to us elves) says she will forward any messages to me that you send to her website at  (Parents and grandparents can actually order them from that website, too.)

Hope to hear from you soon!  Christmas is coming!!!!

Now back to work.



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Biggest OOPS Ever!!!

We just realized we forgot to tell you about our huge award!!!!! We got it almost a month ago.  Someplace out there on the Internet called the Mom's Choice Awards decided that our two stories, Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf  and Blizzy, the Worrywart Elf are "among the best in family-friendly media".  Really????  The BEST???  We are so STOKED! (Still.  After a month.) Deedy, (AKA Dorothea Jensen) who is Our Scribe, is also STOKED. (Still. After a month.)

One reason we didn't make a big announcement on this ElfBlog at the time is we didn't want to hurt Dizzy's feelings. His book couldn't be considered for the Mom's Choice Award because the pictures weren't done yet.

We also didn't want to hurt the feelings of the rest of the Izzies:  Frizzy, Quizzy, Fizzy, Whizzy and Bizzy. Their stories haven't even been written down yet! (The Scribe's on it.)

However, everyone has been so excited for us that we think it is OK to announce it officially. Even Dizzy seems to have stopped sulking.  I think his GREAT REVIEWS on Amazon and Goodreads helped a LOT.

So let this be our official announcement:  our stories are recipients of the Mom's Choice Award. (You might have noticed we've been showing off the awards sticker a bit. Dizzy certainly noticed, anyway.)


Love from Tizzy and Blizzy

Don't forget, to read the great things people are saying about our books, go to and click on us!!!

Now Blizzy is Decorating Her Bedroom with Mom's Choice Stickers!

No, I'm not allowed inside the GirlElf Dormitory, but my good friend Frizzy took a picture of Blizzy's bedroom and showed it to the rest of us Izzy Elves. Frizzy knows just how jealous I am about Blizzy and Tizzy's books getting the Mom's Choice Award. (Mine didn't. It wasn't ready.)

I know how very proud Blizzy is about getting this big time award, but enough is enough. Isn't it?

Just take a gander at this:

How many of those stickers does she have, anyway?

Frizzy says I should just get over it.  She says she is very VERY proud of her friends getting this honor, and that I should be too.  She also says that at least my book is finished now - unlike the rest of the Izzies.  She (Frizzy) and Bizzy and Fizzy and Whizzy and Quizzy are all still waiting for Deedy to get their adventures down on paper.  Or whatever you call it when she types into her computer keyboard.

I guess Frizzy is right.  After all, even though I don't have any stickers yet, lots of people have written really REALLY nice things about my own story!

One person said that Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf  is the best Santa's Izzy Elves book yet!!!  Woo Hoo!!

My very favorite reaction to my story so far: one father said that his seven year old son WHO HATES TO READ picked up Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf and read it cover to cover.

That makes me feel as if I received an award, too.  It's even better than a sticker!!!

Meanwhile, if you want to read some more great things about my book (or even about Tizzy and Blizzy's books) go to and click on us!

Love from DIZZY!