Monday, December 2, 2013

Please Don't Tell Bizzy!

Are you there, Blizzy?  I asked you to meet me here so we can talk about Bizzy's offer to "manage" my story. We all know that Bizzy is a TERRIBLE manager. (I heard Dizzy say once that Bizzy couldn't manage himself out of a paper bag full of peppermints! And Everybody agreed!)

How can I tell him I don't want him to "manage" my literary career without hurting his feelings?

Your friend, Tizzy

Hmm.  This IS a dilemma! On the other hand, if Bizzy starts trying to "manage" your literary career, he would be so bad at it that probably no one would even notice.

Your Girlfriend, Blizzy

Yes, but what if he starts tweeting or blogging (not here - he never seems to come to this blog) about my story in such a way that it sounds like terribly exaggerated BRAGGING!  That would be SO EMBARRASSING.  Blizzy, please think about the best way for me to tell him I don't want him to manage me. (I'll meet you back here tomorrow.)

Your friend, Tizzy

P.S. We could also meet at (Deedy's website). She probably wouldn't mind, and Bizzy would never look there for us!