Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Peek at Dizzy Through His Elfascope!

Isn't this amazing?  An animated peek of my good friend, Dizzy, through his Elfascope!

Shayne Hood made it for us.

Here's how Deedy described Dizzy's Elfascope in BLIZZY, THE WORRYWART ELF (© 2013 by Dorothea Jensen):

You look through this end and then through the far side
Whatever you gaze at appears, multiplied!”
He gave it to Blizzy, who looked through, one-eyed
And saw many Dizzies, all grinning, inside.

Dizzy has been a Tremendous Help to me, helping me make a Plan!  I talk to Santa about it today.  I

hope he agrees. I think my New Venture will cheer me up so much.  Hope so. Thanks for being my sounding board, dear Dizzy.  ✂  Frizzy

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