Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Frizzy's Here!!!

Hello World!

I just wanted EVERYONE to know that Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf, is now out there on the internet!

Shayne Hood finished all my pictures, and Deedy (Dorothea Jensen to you) has done what she calls the Format Fight, and my story is now a Kindle book. The print version will be available VERY SOON (maybe tomorrow, Deedy says).

Anyway, here is my OFFICIAL COVER. (Just so you know, I look MUCH happier by the time this story ends, which I'm happy to say it is ALL TRUE!  ♡♡♡  Frizzy

You can buy this Kindle via Deedy's website,


P.S.  Woo hoo!!!!

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  1. Cute cover! :)
    ~ Erik This Kid Reviews Books