Friday, September 26, 2014

Woo hoo!!! My audiobook can be downloaded RIGHT NOW!!!!


Hi Everybody!  I am delighted to announce that the audiobook of the story about me, Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf, is now for sale on!  Soon it will be on and iTunes, too!
(I'm trying very, very hard not to put exclamation points after every single sentence, but what can an elf do when she is so thrilled????)

♡♡♡ Frizzy (!)

P.S. I do love listening to Deedy (Dorothea Jensen to you) read the story she wrote down about me. As we Izzies mentioned before, she says she is pretending to read to her six grandsons, but we elves know she is really reading to us.

P.S. (#2) Here's the link.

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