Monday, October 13, 2014


So we Izzy Elves have been amusing ourselves (when we are NOT working diligently in the Izzy Elf Workshop) by reading our blog pages translated into other languages.  It is really a HOOT!

Our favorite so far:  in the French version, the listing of our names looks like this:

Cheveux Crépus

Which of these things is NOT like the others?

So we've all been teasing Frizzy a little bit about this, calling her Cheveux Crépus at every opportunity.  We suspect (although we do not have an English French dictionary at hand) that this means Frizzy Hair, but it just doesn't sound QUITE the same as plain Frizzy.

At first, Frizzy laughed when we did this, but lately she isn't laughing so much. Therefore, most of us Izzies have stopped doing this, except Dizzy.  Of course, he REALLY likes Frizzy and so teases her more than anyone else does.  (Boy elves are not that different from regular boys, after all.)

We think that Bizzy has solved the problem, however.  He found an English-French Dictionary online and looked up Dizzy.  In French it is Vertigineux. We think.  So now we're all calling Dizzy Vertigineux and (surprise, surprise) he has STOPPED calling little Frizzy Cheveux Crépus.

The one thing we've all learned from this is that translating our poetic stories into other languages is simply NOT going to work.  We'll talk about this more in our next blog.

Bizzy, Blizzy,  Vertigineux Dizzy, Fizzy,  Cheveux Crépus Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy, Whizzy (and Honorary Izzy Elf, Deedy)

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