Friday, October 17, 2014

More Translation Chuckles!

So we Izzy Elves cannot resist playing with the "translate" button (see it on the right??).

We just tried translating our names into Portuguese (because Deedy speaks it a bit - she was in the Peace Corps in Brazil 45 years ago!)

Guess what?  Just like in French, Frizzy's name is the only one that is changed into something else. Here's the list:

Cabelo Crespo
(e Deedy)

It's always fun to see how similar words can be in these Romance languages:

French Cheveux Crépus = Portuguese Cabelo Crespo.

We prefer the Portuguese, because we don't have to hunt all over the keyboard trying to figure out how to put in the  ´.  (Which we just did anyway, which kind of defeats the purpose. Oh, well.)

Luckily, Dizzy seems to have learned his lesson about teasing Frizzy about this. Just in case, Bizzy looked online and found out that Dizzy in Portuguese is "Vertiginoso". We're all ready to start calling him that if he starts calling Frizzy "Cabelo Crespo". 

Deedy (that's Dorothea Jensen to you) has been pestering us lately asking our opinions on which of Bizzy's "adventures" (or misadventures) she should put in the next Izzy Elves story. (It's going to be about Bizzy, obviously.) She says she won't start writing it down until after Christmas—which is just as well because we are all slammed with work here at the Pole until then, of course, and don't have time to chat with her.

Meanwhile, Bizzy is looking a little nervous. We tell him not to worry, Deedy won't put anything in his story that will embarrass him—too much!

Much Love,

The Izzy Elves (and Deedy)

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (♥)

(Whizzy likes this picture because his name is first! Since his name starts with "W" he's usually at the end of the list!)

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