Thursday, October 9, 2014

Psst! Bizzy Here...

I know a lot about the internet, blogging, tweeting, etc. (certainly more than your Average Izzy Elf) and I've noticed that the past post with Dizzy's elfascope moving picture has been looked at by FOUR TIMES as many people as the posts with Frizzy, Tizzy or Blizzy's moving pictures.

I think that Frizzy, Blizzy, and Tizzy are feeling a little—well, not jealous exactly—but a tad unhappy over this. We do try to celebrate the triumphs of all the Izzies, but sometimes that is a little hard to do.

Anyway, I have decided to re-post their moving pictures (called GIFs, which always make me think of GIFTS, but then I AM one of Santa's elves).  If lots of people look at this, I can tell Frizzy, Tizzy, and Blizzy so they will feel better.

Thanks for your help.

XX Bizzy

P.S. I also just checked the total number of people who have looked at our IzzyElfBlog and it is up to 5770. We're ALL very happy about that!

P.S. 2 Don't forget to enter our giveaway for the chance to win a download of Frizzy's audiobook. Instructions are in a post below.

Here are the GIFs:

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