Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Great Circle of Elf

So Bizzy has been snooping around in the innards of our blogsite and found a widget that makes it easy for people to sign up to get e-mail notifications whenever we Izzies write a cool new post! (It's over on the right, just under the page view counter.)

Naturally, once Bizzy installed it, we couldn't resist playing around with it a little.  We put our own address in.  Then we wrote a new post.  Then we watched our e-mail like hawks to get the notification that we'd written a new post. Then we go back to our blog and write another post and then watch for it to come through to our e-mail.

We have decided to call this "The Great Circle of Elf."

You must understand that there is not much to do for entertainment up here at the Pole. Mostly we just 1) work in the Workshop, 2) work out in the ElfGym, 3) munch in the Munchroom, or 4) play with Quizzy's games and puzzles in the ElfDen.  (Of course, there is also the Great Outdoors, where we have snowball fights that go on for days.  And days around here can be REALLY LONG during some parts of the year.)
In any case, we have been having fun going round and round the G.C. of E.

Please join us, by putting your e-mail into that tiny slot on the right and following directions to set it all up.

Bizzy also put a "subscribe" button on here, but we haven't figured out yet how it works. We'll get back to you when we do.

In the meantime, here is a fun picture for you of some of the elves working out in the ElfGym.


The Izzy Elves

Can you spot the non-Izzies who have sneaked in to play in our gym?

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