Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woo Hoo!!!!

When we Izzy elves got up this morning, the total number of people who had visited pages of our blog ever since we started it a year and a half ago was a little over 6000.

Here is the total tonight:

We Izzies are all scratching our heads over this. We keep asking each other "Who ARE these people and WHY are they looking at our IzzyElfBlog?"

But we don't have any idea what the answer is.  Not even Bizzy, who usually thinks he knows EVERYTHING. (But he doesn't.) He's been having a lot of fun counting the page views as they come in.  He loves counting. That's why his symbol is a number sign, as you can see from his picture:

In any case, we all want to say THANK YOU for the visit.

If we knew who you were, we'd all visit YOUR blog. (Or we'd try to figure out how to, anyway.)

Come back again soon, when we have more interesting things to talk about than numbers!

(Although we must confess we think these numbers are FASCINATING AND WONDERFUL!)


Bizzy, Blizzy, Dizzy, Fizzy, Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy, Whizzy (and H.I.E. Deedy)


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