Saturday, November 15, 2014


Santa has been as excited as we Izzies are about the wintry weather that has been hitting the Northern Hemisphere.  (It's not only you people out there who dream about a White Christmas.)

He figures that there's nothing like few beautiful snowflakes to put everyone in a holiday mood.  Even he must admit, though, that Mother Nature has been sending a bit more than a few flakes to some places.

Such blizzards make it difficult for all of us, too!  Even the Virtual Reins have a hard time getting Santa where he has to go in a Complete White Out.

And although there is nothing we Izzies enjoy as much as a snowball fight, we know there can be Too Much of a Good Thing.

So we'd like all of you who have been digging out of snowdrifts lately to know that all of us at the North Pole know what you are going through. Even Santa.

Meanwhile Blizzy said she hopes this Snow Overdose doesn't put children off her snowglobes. We tell her "don't be a worrywart"! The snowflakes in her globes are much warmer on the fingers than the real stuff, after all.


The Izzy Elves

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