Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Official Policy on the So-called Elf on the Shelf Surveillance

We've tried to keep quiet about this brewing scandal for two reasons:

1. We worried that people would think we are just jealous of that sly, nosy, blabbermouth elf's commercial success.

2. We didn't want mothers and fathers who had bought one of these dolls for their kids to Feel Bad. After all, they did so in good faith: they didn't know it might make children a teensy bit paranoid.

Now, we Izzy Elves feel it is time to Speak Out. Those guys are spoiling the reputation of all elves!

The risk is great because the first of our stories, Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf,  does have the word SHELF in the title.  In fact, the original title of that book, first created in 1991, was The Elf on the Shelf. (Tizzy is quite embarrassed about this and doesn't want anybody to think he is one of THEM.)

So here is our Official Izzy Elves Policy on Surveillance:

We love children and would never ever rat them out to Santa!

In the second of our stories, Blizzy, the Worrywart Elf, Bizzy comes very close to stating our position on this (and we quote):

                I've heard that some other elves spy on bad kids
                But that's way too creepy, that Santa forbids.

So next year, when our Izzy Elf dolls are ready for mothers, fathers, and grandparents etc. to buy for kids, they should have NO FEAR that we will be reporting back to ANYBODY. 

That's our policy and we Izzies are sticking to it!

Much love,

The Izzy Elves

P.S. Besides, we all voted and decided that we are WAY cuter than those Spy Elves.

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