Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What a Thrilling Time I'm Having!

Santa agreed I can change jobs and I'm hard at work in my New Endeavor! I didn't tell him the reason I wanted a change.  None of us Izzy Elves likes to make S.C. sad because we love him so much.  Besides, he's much more fun when he's jolly.  We don't like to hurt his feelings by letting him know we are unhappy.  So I just told him I wanted a change, and that was fine with him.  Goodbye dollies!

I'm not going to tell you what I am making these days, but you won't guess in a million years!  It is a bit of adjustment to be painting lightning bolts and flames and (even) skulls instead of curling and braiding dolly coiffures!

But so far, I haven't gotten the LEAST BIT attached to these new toys, and I am quite sure that I won't be upset when they are loaded onto Santa's sleigh.  No more S.A.D. for me! (That's Seasonal Affection Distress, in case you're wondering.  Dizzy called it a Disorder, but I prefer the word Distress, FYI.)

Meanwhile, Bizzy is hard at work doing something called Market Research on the toys I am making. I hope that kids like what I'm doing!  I'll keep you posted!