Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bizzy Says Kids Love My New Toy!!

Bizzy came by my workspot today to give me the latest marketing reports on what I've been making. Pret-ty Amazing Results! 

Bizzy explained it to me: from now on, Santa is not going to rely ONLY on the  letters that kids write him just before Christmas.  (He likes as much lead time as possible so we elves can make sure there are enough of each kind of toy to go around.)

Anyway, Santa found out that there are special Wishlists out there in something called Cyberspace.  Apparently, all year long, when children see something they would like Santa to bring them, they ask their folks to add it to one of these Wishlists.

As soon as S.C. heard about this, he assigned Bizzy to start doing research.  Now, whenever a new toy is created by us elves, Santa posts it all over Cyberspace.  Bizzy then tracks how many kids add that toy to a Wishlist. Slick, huh? (S.C. is very 21st Century.)

Bizzy is very excited about his new task, and the rest of us Izzies are thrilled that he has something else to do besides trying to boss us around!

The Bottom Line (as Bizzy says) is that kids are scrambling to put my new toys on every single one of their Wishlists.  Hurray!!

Frankly, I'm not sure what kids see in these things: I think they are a little bit ugly, myself.  (I've been in the Beautifying Business for so long, it feels a bit odd to make something that I don't think is beautiful AT ALL.)  Oh well, the good thing is that I won't mind a bit when Santa takes all these toys away for delivery next Christmas.  No more S.A.D. for me!!!