Monday, February 9, 2015

The Vote Has Been TAKEN!! We're GOING ON VACATION!!

So we all met in the Izzy Elf Board Room to discuss ideas for our upcoming vacation.  (Here's a glimpse of part of that room.)

At the end of a Very Long Presentation by Bizzy (everthing he says is ALWAYS very long) about possible destinations, we have made our choice.

It fulfills all our requirements:

1. It's someplace South.
2. It's someplace Warm.
3. It's someplace where we can all blend in to avoid being mobbed by over-enthusiastic children.

We are starting to get organized, and hope to leave soon! (First we have to make safety seats for all eight of us so no one falls out of Santa's sleigh on the way!)


Much Love,

Bizzy, Blizzy, Dizzy, Fizzy, Frizzy, Quizzy, Tizzy & Quizzy

(Deedy, the honorary Izzy Elf, wants to come, too.  She says that so much snow has been falling where she lives, she might as well be living at the North Pole! Santa says "We'll see.")

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