Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bubbling Us Izzies

We Izzy Elves have been getting quite annoyed with Deedy (Dorothea Jensen to you) because she has focused all her attention lately on her Other Kind of Writing: historical fiction.  (Some new book called A Buss from Lafayette.)

Finally, we all signed a petition asking her to pay some attention to us. She pointed out that she has been paying SOME attention to us by creating Bubbles about our stories.


"Just what are Bubbles?" we asked, not quite ready to forgive her.

She told us they were little insights she writes on a website called Bublish.com explaining why she wrote down what she did about some of our stories.  (Here's where you can see these Bubbles.)

Of course, at first, we all thought WE should be the ones writing these Bubbles, as it sounded like it might be fun.

She squashed that idea, unfortunately. So, once again, we have to rely on her to write down the truth about us Izzies and what we told her to write in our stories.

Tizzy and Blizzy, by the way, noticed that their stories are NOT on Bublish. 

Maybe we need to do another petition.


The Izzy Elves

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