Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A New Project!!!! (Or Two)

Well, two, actually!

First of all, Our Illustrator, Shayne Hood, is doing sketches for a cool new product.

(Frizzy is a little embarrassed about being drawn in her underclothes, but she still likes the attention!)

We have all told her that we will soon be appearing in our underthings, too. That made her feel better.  A little anyway.

Secondly, Deedy (that's Dorothea Jensen to you) says she will be writing down our vacation adventures as soon as we get back to the North Pole.

And what a time we've had!

Deedy apologizes that she has not been able to help us write our posts lately because she has been too busy working to get her other book, A Buss from Lafayette, ready for release. (That will be about a year from now.) Her publisher, BQB Publishing, asked her to make a few changes, so she has been writing away on it, a big grin on her face!

We try not to scold her for wasting time writing about characters who do NOT have pointy ears.

We try.

But we fail.


The Izzy Elves