Tuesday, June 14, 2016

HAMILTON the MUSICAL: Deedy's Hooking Up!

So the latest from Deedy (that's Dorothea Jensen to you) is that she's fallen madly in love with Hamilton the Musical, and decided to write verses based on its lyrics. On Twitter. We are thrilled she's starting to write some rhyming poetry again, but unfortunately, it's about her Other Kind of Writing: A Buss from Lafayette.

 Oh, well, maybe when she gets going on this little project, she will remember how much she likes to write stuff that rhymes and will Get Back to us Izzies.

Hope so. Love, the Izzy Elves

 * * *

Here's Deedy:

I know that many, many kids love "Hamilton the Musical" as much as adults do. That means many, many kids have been introduced to the "Lancelot of the Revolutionary Set", Lafayette. Therefore, I've started writing tweets about A Buss from Lafayette based on the songs from this wonderful, Tony-winning, tremendously original show.

Here are the first two (unfortunately, I can only do two lines per tweet, which is frustrating). Each is posted with a picture of the Buss cover and with the #HamiltonMusical hashtag. : )

I love writing verse (as per my Izzy Elf books), with end and internal rhymes, so I think this endeavor will be lots of fun!

* * *
(Based on "My Shot")

A dusty old book...it's...NOT
Concerning the War's...Lance...LOT

Just wait'll you hear. . .the. . .PLOT
 (A story for teens. . .it's. . .HOT!)

Hope you Hamilton Lovers out there will enjoy these!



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