Sunday, December 11, 2016

Counting Down Verse for Previous Post. . .

Deedy says she's so busy she hasn't had time
To work every day on a counting down rhyme.
She hopes to make up with a verse for today
That shows how she boarded a Dizzy-type sleigh.
(We Izzies are proud she decided to fix
Her counting down gap with some Izzy-type pix.)

 And here they are, along with a quote from Dizzy's story:

At first, Dizzy felt quite as high as a kite
As the sleigh soared aloft in the star-spangled night.
But then, as the air became more and more chilly,
The elf’s Big Adventure felt less and less thrilly.
For when Dizzy finally gathered his nerves                           
(Not easy to do with the swoops and the swerves)
And looked at the lights twinkling far down below
He felt—well—quite dizzy, with vile vertigo.
            - Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf © 2014 by Dorothea Jensen

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