Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tomorrow is the last day of the big sale on Deedy's book, A BUSS FROM LAFAYETTE!

Deedy's publisher is offering a huge discount until December 15 on her new historical novel for young A Buss from Lafayette. Instead of the regular price, $16.95, the sale price will be $9.95! If you have a middle school student on your holiday shopping list, this would make an excellent entertaining (and educational) gift!

Here's the link:

NOTE: The default payment method on this online store is PayPal, but on the checkout page, there is a link that allows you to pay by credit card. Click on that link and you'll be taken to the credit card option.

Big News that Rhymes with Circus!

Deedy (that's Dorothea Jensen to you) told us that Kirkus Reviews Magazine has selected its review of A Buss from Lafayette to feature in the Indie section of its December issue. Apparently less than 10% of Indie Reviews are selected for this, so it is a big honor.

(We would like to point out that Kirkus also wrote a  great review of one of our stories, Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf. Yes, that was a while ago. But we are posting it below in a marked manner, anyhow.

Appealing Energy and Colorful Verbal Imagery

A little elf’s clandestine adventure as a stowaway on Santa’s sleigh takes an unexpected turn in an engaging contemporary spin on the classic 19th-century poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas”…appealing energy and colorful verbal imagery…The author propels her present-day take on the classic Christmas poem with gentle humor and suspense, smoothly incorporating lines from the original poem into her lively tale about a stowaway elf. –Kirkus Reviews

Our only quibble with this review is that Deedy seems to get all the credit for writing it. We Izzies actually LIVE these adventures: Deedy just writes 'em  all down.

(Dizzy adds his observation that riding in the back of that sleigh was NOT actually that much fun, so he did the hard part.)

Oops, we seem to have used up all the post space talking about the Izzy Elf Kirkus Review. Can you imagine that?

We'll let Deedy tell you about the Kirkus review of A Buss from Lafayette in our very next post.

We promise.


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Countdown Rhyme 12/13!

We Izzies are starting to reach panic mode
We try not to worry, but find our work load'
A bit overwhelming at this time of year:
We just can't believe Christmas Eve is so NEAR!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Counting Down Verse for Previous Post. . .

Deedy says she's so busy she hasn't had time
To work every day on a counting down rhyme.
She hopes to make up with a verse for today
That shows how she boarded a Dizzy-type sleigh.
(We Izzies are proud she decided to fix
Her counting down gap with some Izzy-type pix.)

 And here they are, along with a quote from Dizzy's story:

At first, Dizzy felt quite as high as a kite
As the sleigh soared aloft in the star-spangled night.
But then, as the air became more and more chilly,
The elf’s Big Adventure felt less and less thrilly.
For when Dizzy finally gathered his nerves                           
(Not easy to do with the swoops and the swerves)
And looked at the lights twinkling far down below
He felt—well—quite dizzy, with vile vertigo.
            - Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf © 2014 by Dorothea Jensen